These Lagos public transport experiences will make you think again before you hop the next yellow bus

Using humor to help deal with the everyday hassle of being in Nigeria

Lagos, the infamous most exclusive city to live in Nigeria mirrors the turmoils of the society most inclusively. The densely populated metropolis with busy streets and massive traffic jams prides itself in its unique experiences and unequalled entertainment, that all makes for a perfect recipe for anxiety. Since we aren’t exactly known for dealing with our mental health through therapy, social media has provided a platform to share experiences and offer some comic relief. An account of Twitter started a thread to share the ridiculous experiences they’ve had while commuting via public transport in Lagos and as expected it turned out to be the typical Nigerian laughter-is-the-best medicine conversation for uncomfortable and even bizarre real-life experiences.

Inadvertently, the lingering question is the price of comfort against all odds of everyday ‘Nigerianesses’, but see some hilarious tweets from the thread below.

Featured Image Credits: Twittter/debola_abimbolu

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