Paula B. is done playing games on her new single, “Package Deal”

A stalker anthem we didn't know we needed

Countless songs have been penned about the wholesome joys of romance and it’s dreaded but often unavoidable pitfalls. And though Paula B.’s spin—focused on the uncertainty that’s sure to doom any relationship—isn’t exactly novel, her emotionless “Baby, This Ain’t No Game/ This Ain’t No Pick or Choose” chant sets “Package Deal” apart from other romance themed songs.

The ebb and flow of the beat ThaBeatSmith produces with percussion and 808 drum kits, keeps pace with the highs and lows of Paula B.’s recount of her relationship with a lover she believes she wasted time chasing. Capturing an array of emotions (from love at first sight to feeling uncertain, to cold-hearted fixation) in the short listen time of the single makes it both relatable and aspirational. “Package Deal” is like the stalker anthem we didn’t know we needed till we heard it.

You can stream Paula B.’s “Package Deal” below.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/humajenkins
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