PatricKxxLee releases new single, “Ghosts Love Me” from rehab

PatricKxxLee's "Ghost Love Me" is a testament that life is there for the taking

PatricKxxLee’s “Ghost Love Me” is one of the sunniest songs penned about battling depression. Though the rapper’s fondness for synths makes for a spine-chilling baseline with distorted vocal harmonies, drums are locked on to a groove that makes the song catchy, despite its otherwise nightmarish sensibilities. Chanting “I See Ghosts In My Room, And I Ain’t Scared of Them” for the hook, and skulking through the verses like a villain in a slasher flick, PatricKxxLee seems ready to take on any opposition in his way. But the press attached to the single explained how “PatricKxxLee is taking a break from shows and all other activities from today until further notice. He’s not well. And while he tried to “fix things” along the way, he finally realised he needs to do so in peace and quiet, seeking proper help. ”

Admitting his troubled thoughts and struggles with depression is a brave feat for a rapper, especially in Africa, where mental health patients are often regarded with scorn. PatricKxxLee in previous releases may have hinted at his problems through metaphors alluding them to “Demons”, but on “Ghosts Love Me” he blatantly addresses these issues, with lyrics confessing that he hates himself and has been dealing with suicidal thoughts since he was “Only 9-Years Old”.

You can stream PatricKxxLee’s “Ghosts Love Me” here.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/PatricKxxLee

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