Patoranking Shares Endearing Music Video For “Wilmer”, Featuring Georgian Singer BERA

showcases Patoranking’s unabashed adoration for his daughter

Patoranking’s recently released sophomore album, ‘Wilmer’, was named after, and decidedly dedicated to the singer’s daughter. Since the album release, Patoranking has continually stated the integral role the birth of his daughter, last August, has played in making him a better man, as well as in the making of the 12-track project. So, it was befitting that the opening, title track was a heartfelt love song devoted to his daughter. Georgian singer Bera, who is Wilmer’s Godfather, joined Patoranking on the song to echo the song’s mushy sentiments.

Now with its own set of visuals, the newly released video for “Wilmer” showcases Patoranking’s unabashed adoration for his daughter, as well as the close bond between them. Set at a colourful backyard party with Wilmer as the centre of attraction, Patoranking and Bera perform their reverent lyrics while party guests have fun in the background. Shots of Patoranking playing with Wilmer are also spliced in, amplifying the video’s endearing quality.

You can watch the video for Patoranking’s “Wilmer” below.

Featured Image Credits: Youtube/Patoranking

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