Paradise Motel is hopeful for a future that may never come on new single, “Love and Guidance”

Emo rock stomp with West African spirituality

Paradise Motel’s music marries an emo rock stomp with West African spirituality, creating a unique sound that’s anchored by vocalist Wekaforé Jibril’s soulful pipes. The band’s latest single, “Love And Guidance” continues their suffered narrative, this time soaked in regret and hopes for a future that may never come.

Though “Boys Hurt Too” may have shown a recognition of how fragile masculinity can be in love, “Love and Guidance” finds the lead singer nestled snugly in the idea that he “Needs Love”. Over pinched but percolating synths, pianos and guitar riffs, he pines for the familiarity he and his lover knew before they slowly became estranged. He acknowledges his infidelity; “I Know I Broke The Rule” and recognizes his place; “I Know You’re Way Out Of My League” but still hopes “The Pain Doesn’t Change What (They’ve) Been Through”.

With lyrics like “If There’s A God Above, I Know He’ll See Me Through”, his optimism seems hinged on religious belief. But given his confessional, that’s as good as he’ll get it. And he’s man enough to accept that without making excuses.

The cover art for “Love and Guidance” saying Super Blue was also the cover art for “Indestructible”, suggesting that the band could be working on a gloomy album or project.

You can stream “Love and Guidance” by Paradise Motel below.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/paradisemoteluniverse

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