Kechi Okwuchi’s move to Live Shows on America’s Got Talent

Her existence and accomplishments shouldn't be unmistakably skewered into a "Just Because" criteria

You could chalk it down to her resilence in the face of unimaginable tragedy or her undeniable talent but Kechi Okwuchi has been doing amazing things that make the world proud, igniting the belief that good things do happen after seemingly insurmountable circumstances. Granted, her survival story from a death-dealing plane crash is joy, but it’s even better when it’s underscored by the blessing of seeing and hearing her sing. It’s inspiring.

Those who didn’t watch it in its happening hours at night, woke up to find snippets of Kechi Okwuchi’s audition on America’s Got Talent either on Twitter or Instagram the next morning. Kechi sang Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud” beyond covering the notes and beyond an apt voice range. Those who didn’t know her before, have gone in quest to know more. From the Sosoliso plane crash of 2007, to her life’s story, an inspiring TedX talk she gave a year ago, “Know Thyself”. Now, to move unto the next stage, Kechi did a cover of John Hiatt’s “Have a Little Faith in Me”.

Her existence and accomplishments shouldn’t be lumped off as a side effect of the tragedy that happened to her. Kechi’s ability to take songs and interpret them in ways that everyone can relate to is why she got on AGT and why she is still there. Now we all have to vote and make sure she gets to the final.

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