Oxlade’s new single, “Shugar”, is a party starter

A theme song for raunchy club fantasies

Afropop songs ebb and flow in a manner that often makes it difficult to distinguish tracks, driven largely by rhythm, and an extensive knowledge of club conventions. Lyrically, they aren’t trying to offer much in the way of storytelling; instead, providing a groove to dance to while contemplating if it’s still cool to make love in a club. On Oxlade’s new single, “Shugar”, the singer makes a strong case for love at first sight, leaning on Spax’s production to set the lightweight ambience of being buzzed at a party.

The beat emphasizes Oxlade’s carefree and elated attitude through scintillating synths, guitar harmonies, bass set at a languid groove, and every now and then, a saxophone swing into the frame to perform a glowing solo. It’s the theme song for raunchy club fantasies and something to set the mood, all wrapped up in one.

You can stream Oxlade’s “Shugar” here.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/oxladeofficial
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