Listen to Oma Mahmud advocate for national pride on “Jalo”, featuring Lady Donli

Tapping into optimism despite the grimness

The common quip is that loving Nigeria from afar is the Nigerian dream. While it’s a terribly kept secret that the country doesn’t inspire any patriotism, many citizens still harbour an underlying sense of hope—two of them being Oma Mahmud and Lady Donli. On their new collaboration, “Jalo”, both singers faithfully tap into that optimism, advocating for national pride amidst the grimness.

Although “Jalo” translates to ‘let’s go’ in Yoruba, its central message urges young Nigerians to stay and direct their energy towards rebuilding the country, for one reason: it’s home. Superficially, their sentiment is endearing, and on a deeper level, it takes a rousing tone, due to Oma’s impassioned performance and the positivity Lady Donli exudes with her appearance. If anything, the worst of cynics will be able to appreciate the groove propelling the song, featuring brightly burning guitar riffs, windpipes and local percussions.

“Jalo” is Oma Mahmud’s first release since dropping his rock-inflected, electro-R&B EP, ‘Rockstvr’ back in May.

Stream “Jalo” via Apple Music here.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/omamahmud

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