“Golden” is Tay Iwar & Le Mav’s Gold band’s debut single

A mouth-watering teaser for what a joint project from the two would sound like

Tay Iwar handled the bulk of production—12 of the 16 tracks—on his excellent debut LP from earlier this year, ‘Gemini’. Joining him behind the boards was 80s sound producer, Le Mav, who produced two standout cuts, “Stranger” and “Fools”. With the chemistry they shared on both songs, it’s no surprise that they’ve continued to release more songs together and now seem to be forming a band called GOLD.

GOLD’s debut release is titled “Golden” and it finds both artists pushing past the boundaries of their previous work. Le Mav pairs an electric guitar riff with hypnotic EDM drums for a bouncy beat, while Tay glides through with his honeyed vocals. Tay Iwar’s mastery of writing about different types of romantic tensions is exhibited here when he sings lyrics narrating what follows a breakup caused by his newfound fame and the resulting ego. His fantasising about his ex-lover wanting him back makes “Golden” a conceited cut with romantic overtones but it also serves a mouth-watering teaser for what a Tay Iwar and Le Mav joint project would sound like when it eventually comes out.

Stream “Golden” here.

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