Our First Impressions of Ruger’s Debut Album ‘Ru The World’

featuring Sauti Sol, Stefflon Don and more

Ever since Ruger broke into the music space with “Bounce“, his career has been on roll and continues to skyrocket the charts. Signed to Jonzing World Records, Ruger has always delivered albums producing hit songs. From his debut EP, ‘Pandemic’ which had the major hit song “Bounce” to his second EP, ‘The Second Wave’ with “Dior” as the lead single. We can’t forget his comeback to the music scene in 2022 with “Asiwaju” and “Red Flags,” with “Asiwaju” proving to be the better song charting at number 1 on Apple Music for almost 2 months. With every release from Ruger, a clear road to stardom is paved.

Preceding his album was an extensive 15-city North American album tour with the first show in Boston. Before this, the artist also toured and performed in Copenhagen, Stockholm, Rome, Brescia, Oslo, Dublin, Ireland and Canada, Toronto, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Montreal, and Edmonton. 

The RU Nation has been anticipating the release of a new album ever since he announced this on his Instagram Page and With Ruger’s debut album now here, we’re about to witness the world and headspace of the one eye-patched artist. The 17-track features Stefflon Don, Projexx, Sauti Sol, Govanna, and Juggelerz and contains familiar tracks like “Asiwaju” and “Red Flags”

As per usual, the NATIVE team delves into ‘Ru The World’ to deliver our initial thoughts and impressions. Tap in! 


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Uzoma: “Tour” stands out for me. The Drill-led production is so smooth and Ruger’s Dancehall-esque delivery is topnotch. Also, love the message of the song: seeing your efforts yield success and making those closest to you proud. It’s a brilliant choice for an opening track. 

Moore: Of the songs on the project I’d say Kristy” is definitely my favourite. It’s a low-key, gentle love song with soothing vocals that makes it a perfect song to send to your crush.

Dimeji: “Tour” definitely. It’s a perfect introduction to the album. The harmonies on the chorus are amazing and the production brings the track together perfectly. 


Chigoziri: “All My Days” stands out to me out of all the features on the track. Sauti Sol does justice to the song and brings the song to life. 

Sien: “All My Days” has to be it for me. From the bear selection to Sauti Sol gliding through the track. It’s a match made in heaven. 

Dennis: Sauti Sol and BenjiFlow on “All My Days.” The latter is the producer but he’s such an integral part of what is one of the album’s best and most distinct songs. Sauti Sol? Yeah, Bien killed it. He has a stamp on every record he touches and he makes Ruger the lovestruck guy sound even more enjoyable – believable even.


Nwanemaka: “Ashana” is a good shout for this. I wouldn’t necessarily say this is the best production because it’s super catchy and perfectly encapsulates Ruger’s soundscape. Legendary Beatz understood the assignment. 

Emmanuel: A winning feature of Ruger’s music has always been his production. On ‘Ru The World’ he extends that run by working with a host of talented producers who create a number of truly memorable beats. Of them all, I’m leaning towards the Kukbeatz-produced “Kristy,” which is a very layered show, from the Konto-evoking drum pattern to the guitar playing. It’s mellow while being energetic, inspiring some of Ruger’s most passionate imagery. “I Want Peace” is also a strong shout—-there’s a riveting warmth permeating its core. 


Alex: It wasn’t hard to pick. Asiwaju” is a potential hit. Upon its run-up before the album, it was already a hit. The beat, sound, lyrics and appeal to the supporters of President Tinubu will not be discounted. 

Dimeji: “Tour” again for me. The song has a really catchy essence and great replay value. I feel like it’ll go crazy on TikTok.

Chigoziri:  “Likely” featuring Govana sounds like a potential hit, especially with the catchy beats and Govana’s impressive delivery of his verse. 


Nwanneamaka: Maybe I started getting tired as I reached the end of the album but “Red Flags” isn’t doing much for me. It’s also Ruger’s typical avoidant personality shining through because why would he say “You saw the red flags baby and you ignored the red flags and you’re here.” You can miss me with that. 

Uzoma: I guess Ruger must have wanted to try something different but “Nine” isn’t my cup of tea.  Doesn’t capture that pleasant SA vibe. There’s something about it that sounds so jarring.

Daniel A: Call it high expectations but “Addiction” ft. Stefflon Don wasn’t what I had hoped it would  be. It’s two strong characters choosing to go slow. Didn’t work.  


Dennis: Ruger is the latest Nigerian mainstream dancehall maestro. That much is evident on ‘Ru The World,’ an album steeped in lascivious and exuberant expressions. It’s a little too long for its near-house run-time but not to the point that makes it a wearying listen. After all, he plays with some sonic diversity, even if the thumping drum patterns of dancehall are central to its cohesive identity. It’s a remarkable debut LP from an artist who knows his best traits and optimises them.

Alex: Ruger has been on a continuous rise since he stormed the industry in 2021. His hit singles, “Asiwaju,” “Girlfriend,” “Bounce” and others are proof that he’s an artist to listen to. ‘Ru The World’ offers a hindsight into Ruger’s personality.  His perfect grasp of Afrobeats and modern sounds shines light on his incredible talent. The collaborations with Stefflon Don, Govanna, Sauti Sol and Juggler on the 17-track project provide a varied and engrossing musical trip for every listener. 

Emmanuel: For Ruger, ruling the world isn’t about geographical dominance as much as it is a telling of his romantic exploits. Almost every song on this album deals with the several affairs he’s supposedly had, painting their stories through the stark and sometimes reflective prism of a rising celebrity. That creates a progression the album benefits from, although its length could have been more concise, to encourage repeated listeners. It’s not a fatal flaw, however, as there’s an essential variance in the tempo of the songs. In all, Ruger manages a spellbinding body of work, cashing in on his cult figure as a teller of exciting sensual stories. 

Stream ‘Ru The World’ here.

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