Omawumi and Kiss Daniel come for haters on new single, “Me Ke”

"Me Ke" translates to "I No Vex" but they aren't coming in peace

For her first single since her stellar album, Timeless, Omawumi presents us with “Me Ke”, song filled with the same confidence that makes her music so acclaimed. For “Me Ke”, the singer teams up with our often controversial fave, Kiss Daniel and they share a pleasant chemistry as they perform a playful, yet assertive set.

“Me Ke” opens with Omawumi doing a cheeky laugh before she begins singing—perhaps aimed at the haters she has been proving wrong and intends to continue chastening with her growing success. She refers to the anti-fans who thought she’d end up a one-hit wonder at the beginning of her career, “Some People Say She No Go Reign Again, Same People Go Change Their Mouth Again”. But if their words had no effect on her then, imagine how insignificant they are now when she doesn’t need their approval; “I’m Not Your Mate”.

Kiss Daniel echoes Omawumi on his verse, leaving a message assuring his haters that his hard work will continue to pay off with or without their approval; “Mama never taught me how to be lazy”. On the final verse, both singers get a little more comfortable in their cockiness as Kiss Daniel sings “Everywhere I Go They Put the Music Repeat, No Be Lie, I’m Doing Good”, while Omawunmi repeats the hook reemphasizing that she is, in fact, not her haters’ mate.

Stream “Me Ke” featuring Kiss Daniel here:

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/omawonder

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