We Are Getting New Music From Nonso Amadi Soon

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In 2020, five years after his scene-stealing debut, Canada-based, Nigerian singer, songwriter Nonso Amadi announced that he was taking a social media hiatus. “Leaving the socials, coming back with new music,” his tweet had read, prompting conversations on the timeline about his departure and all the good music we’d receive upon his return.

Unbeknown to many, a few months later, a deadly global pandemic would hit, changing the world as we knew it and disproportionately affecting artists and the music industry in seismic ways. It’s taken Nonso Amadi thirteen months and six days to make his return but we can be sure of great music, in due time.


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First stepping into the limelight in 2015 with the release of his 5-track debut compilation ‘Alone.’ The project was our first introduction to the singer’s emotion-baring writing and his buttery-smooth vocals. His music also arrived with solid production, produced and engineered by the singer himself, a feat that instantly placed him in a lane entirely of his own making back then.

Soon enough, Nonso Amadi scored his first breakout hit with Tonight,” only a year after his debut on the scene. The hit single created a loyal fan base for the artist and gained him the attention of listeners from all over the world as well as industry peers. Over time, more fans and peers started to make their own covers for “Tonight,” which eventually boosted the song to a wider audience and certified Nonso Amadi’s name in Afropop conversations. 

Over time, Nonso Amadi’s discography has only grown. The singer currently boasts of 2 solo EP’s, 1 collaborative EP with Odunsi The Engine and a handful of singles and features. Just before his departure, in 2019, he released his sophomore EP ‘Free’, a 6-tracker which boldly shows his crossover appeal, while retaining the hallmarks of an experimental artist.

There’s very little doubt that Nonso Amadi’s comeback will anything short of legendary. The singer’s Instagram post was shared from Kingston, Jamaica, a place that’s birthed generational talents including Bob Marley, Sean Paul, Buju Banton and more, could be indication of his sonic growth over the past few years–or at least, would explain where he’s been.

While we await his new music, revisit his last EP ‘Free’ below.


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