D-O’s “Chop Elbow” indemnifies the Nigerian struggle in a most relatable way

Echoing the Nigerian reality through Afropop

The follow up to Pretty Boy D-O’s “Foot Work” is just as catchy, but this time, the rapper hints a pseudo-conscious message.

We’ve all collectively complained about the state of Nigeria and blamed the government, D-O’s new single, “Chop Elbow” echoes some of that frustration. “Chop Elbow” offers casual rage as an outlet for dealing with lack of stable eclectic power supply, untrustworthy police force, unfriendly phone service providers and other random inconveniences the average Nigerian can relate to.


Known for his ability to provide the perfect melody to ride a groovy baseline, he matches the synth-based beat with an urgent tempo, to accentuate the Nigerian struggle life. Singing “Everybody Chop My Money/ Everyday Na Work, Hustle No Go Stop”, the song’s driving force is cutting as he highlights the hard knocks of life. But delivered through his dancehall melodies, it’s less a potential radio smash than a protest song for the realities we face as Nigerian youths.

Listen to D-O’s “Chop Elbow” here;

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/prettyboydo

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