Paranoia and Love don’t mix in Nonso Amadi’s “What makes you sure?” video


Nonso Amadi continues to support his latest EP, ‘Free’ with music videos. His latest video “What makes you sure?” is the third track from the project with a befitting music video treatment. “What makes you sure?” is a serene guitar-led number that trails what lack of trust can do to romantic relationships.

In the music video directed by Seyi Akinlade, Nonso Amadi is in a phone booth trying to call a woman, who is most likely his lover. Viewers are also clued into his lover’s mind, with scenes of a woman tensely inspecting an evidence board intermixed and the sound of the telephone ringing out.

The evidence board is filled with what appears to be proof of Nonso’s infidelity as his lover tries to piece together his disappearance. “What makes you sure? that I’m not alone at my mum’s” he sings, walking the streets, while we see Nonso Amadi’s lover investigating his infidelity. Though his lover doesn’t seem to find conclusive answers, she spray-paints the board with a question mark, exiting the apartment before Nonso Amadi returns to find a wrecked empty apartment with an evidence board.

Watch the video for “What makes you sure?” below.

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