Bobby Trauma has been silently making some seriously rad art

Breathing life on computer canvas

I’m a big fan of concept art, especially if it’s abstract enough to leave me feeling intrigued at the idea the artist’s trying to parse. This is because the things we see evoke different feelings within us. The same goes for music. Songs that speak to personal situations last longer on my playlist than hit records. Nearly anonymous concept artist Bobby Trauma’s art is a delightful double whammy cause it draws direct inspiration from music while also remaining abstract.

It’s easy for music to influence art and vice-versa because both share similar abstract qualities. Because music and art occupy a place and time, they often seek inspiration from the same sources. Social inspirations like culture, politics and technological development are vivid in Bobby Trauma’s art works.

The culture aspect is obvious from his music, anime and movie references. Direct portrait representations of musicians like America’s Asap Mob and several new artists from the Nigerian soundscape make for the bulk of his work. He also fuses different cultural references by portraying the musicians as samurais, showcasing his ability to fuse his interests into his art. Asides from his music muse, he also has social and political themes of money and historic cultural leaders highlighted in his work.

His choice of digital paintings bring to light the tech innovation in our time. The conventional canvas has become traditional since the invention of digital software that allows artists sketch on their devices to make masterpieces.

He displays his interpretation of life through his digitally drawn sketches and if art is meant to express feelings, we are feeling Bobby Trauma’s moxie. Enjoy some of his works below and open his Instagram to view more.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/bobbytrauma

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