Listen to RnB Princess’s debut EP ‘Becoming’

This is the genesis

RnB Princess has much to say, and it is evident in her dextrous lyricism. Making a scenic entrance in 2019 with “Tonight” with her silky vocals and enthralling multifaceted style of expression. With a childhood heavily surrounded by legends such as Whitney Houston, Luther Vandross, MJ, Beyonce, Rihanna, and Usher R&B is heavily deep-rooted in her sound so much that it remains recognizable even when she dabbles into other genres. Discerning her ability to sing and create melodies at the age of 8, RnB Princess always knew that being a musician is one of her life’s purposes.

Slowly positioning herself in the music industry, RnB Princess has been intentional with the release of her songs which often are an ode to lovers. Her artistry propels her toward unlocking new layers of her musical capability as seen in Be Gone featuring Fuga The Pirate. The mellow productions provide a backdrop for her seamless vocals as she sings about leaving a lover.

Ushering the new year in style, RnB Princess released “She Bad” featuring the Gorimpa Gangster Loti. Another classic R&B record that is a brilliant balance between a reminiscent old-school vibe and the present realities of many young adults. In a seamless back-and-forth conversation style between RnB Princess & Loti, the pair show off their clever use of puns and the song’s unique structure. She Bad” is a song that inspires women to be their baddest , most authentic, and motivating selves, while still living their best lives and catching all the vibes.


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Weaving comprehensive stories with simple lyrics into easily understood pieces of work RnB Princess had her fans on the edge of their seats with the release of “Perfect Girl” featuring Misterkay. Once again RnB Princess proved her knack for storytelling against a percussive backdrop and refined guitar strings. “ Nothing is making sense though, I don’t see the glow in your eyes” RnB Princess sings as she expresses concern about fading love as her muse is still entangled with their past love.

Today the indie artist releases her anticipated project ‘Becoming’. The 6-track project sees RnB Princess explore the landscape of love with various challenges.  “Oh My Love” is an ode to all lovers who are unable to lay out their romantic expectations. Serving as the perfect introduction to the album she expresses her impatience while her crisp vocals draw you in into her utopia where love rules. The soulful R&B-influenced “Mine” shows the raunchy side of RnB Princess as she is determined to keep her lover. Horning her music skills for years. RnB Princess’s penmanship stands out as she gives detailed encounters that relate to the average youth facing love.

Inviting Brum3h to assist her with “Let Me In”  the slightly upbeat tempo and undeniable chemistry between the two provide a groovy canvas to write their love story. As the tape progress, the production moves from mellow emotional numbers to aggressive upbeat tempos which mirror the artist’s change of attitude towards love.” Please” has RnB Princess questioning her muse’s feeling as she begs them to come clean with their intentions while exposing their manipulative nature. She closes off the project with “No Good For Me” as she comes to a realisation that her relationship is not healthy as she liberates herself from the toxic environment.

Listen to Becoming’ here.