Watch Mr Eazi and his lover slug out relationship drama in “In The Morning” video

Another vibez video from 'Accra to Lagos'

The dedication to roll out and promotion may have created initial hype for Mr Eazi’s  Accra to Lagos (Life is Eazi Vol. 1) mixtape, but the project still sailed under water upon release anyway. For continued relevance, Mr Eazi will be looking to keep the LP in rotation with videos from the full-length debut.

The video for “In The Morning” (feat. Big Lean) is directed by Sesan and is a third in a series of loosely directed ‘Vibez Videos’ released for tracks off Accra To Lagos. For “In the Morning” Mr Eazi and Big Lean go through the motions of relationship conflicts and resolves, while managing to look cool as fuck at the same time.

It’s not exactly clear what a ‘Vibez Video’ is supposed to be, but like much of Mr Eazi’s music, “In The Morning” conveys a chunk of all the moods an emotions you’d expect to see. Who knows, maybe, Accra To Lagos may see some light of day anyway even if its for visual aesthetic.

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