Euphonic Music Presents “Xoe’s Ode” Off ‘Tales 2’ EP

Unarguably the best song off an impressive experimental project

The acclaim of Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories, Kanye West’s Yeezus and Young Thug Jeffery amonsgt other records have spurred a renaissance for sparse production and electronic chords. Local interest may be low now , but auto-tune and other electronic synth-based genres have come under the spotlight as the future of sound evolution.

To prove our point, The Euphonic Music Company, a homegrown collective that recognizes this potential just put out the independent work of producer, Xoe in an EP titled Tales 2. Tales 2 is a sequel to Tales, an instrumental EP Xoe released via Euphonic’s SoundCloud a month ago. Xoe’s EP, Tales 2 relies solely on musical notes and sounds to express the story of it’s subject’s struggle. It’s not literal as you’d expect, but we doubt it was intended to be.

“Xoe’s Ode” is the third track off Tales 2 and it is a great entry point for the rest of the body of work. The instrumental starts with a piano chord anchored on a somber violin baseline and by the time the beats drop and the drums are introduced, Xoe’s angst and skepticism about hope comes in full circle.

The atmosphere of “Xoe’s Ode” is a broody one. It yearns for hope inspite of retribution, a release that never comes and longing for a journey to a place far away from here.

Listen to “Xoe’s Ode” by Xoe here.

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