Meet the creative mind behind Moresque, your new favourite Instagram style page

Which Moresque girl are you?

The Moresque woman is unapologetically herself. Things happen to her but that’s just life.

Some of the captions can be really messy or crazy, but that’s just life as a young woman. We have unfortunate dating stories, and life just happens. We’re doing all that while wearing amazing clothes”.

Moresque is the new fashion-driven Instagram account curating a stylish collection of affordable and designer pieces for the millennial woman. The most striking thing about Moresque is the outlandish adventures each look comes accompanied with.

A young woman clad in flowing leather pants and slick cornrows is really behind closed doors, a dom in all her relationships and is currently maintaining a roster of three men while still texting her ex. Another in a floaty pink dress meets her boyfriend’s parents for the first time but later at night, she finally lets him try anal. It’s all very interesting, because you’re probably that girl, or you know someone who knows that girl.


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Moresque is actually the brainchild of twenty-two-year-old fashion enthusiast, Morenike Ajayi. It was founded a month ago during the quarantine out of a need to create and put her styling chops to work after months of staying indoors. Morenike is bringing bright spots to your Instagram feed with her stylish looks and cooky captions about the modern sex-positive woman.

                  “During the quarantine period, I was shopping a lot more because there was nothing to actually do and I had nowhere to even wear them to because outside was closed. So I was just styling my own clothes at home. I really wanted an outlet to style clothes for events that I would go to and imagine people going to if we were in quarantine.”

Having completed her undergraduate degree in Bio-Medicine, Morenike quickly realised that she had no idea how to turn the course into a career. She knew liked science, however, she didn’t see how it would relate to her life. ‘People don’t really tell you to relate uni to your life, it’s always ‘do what you’re good at at school’ she tells me, before realising there wasn’t any career part in that field for her.  

It wasn’t long before she landed her masters in a completely different field. Marketing, and then later down the line landing her dream role for a luxury online fashion platform upon the completion of her postgraduate degree. Working on Moresque this past month has helped Morenike develop her creative side a bit more, and she couldn’t be happier with the results.

Her gifted eye for clothes is a result of her growing personal interest in fashion, ‘The pieces are either from things I have seen while browsing online for myself. Sometimes I’ll have the outfit in mind then the caption will come later or I’ll know the caption and work with that to bring the look to life’ she admits to me. She values quality over just stuffing one’s wardrobe with designer items, it’s why she swears by Weekday and Depop for affordable shopping and hidden gems to upgrade your closet.

“I have always loved styling clothes. I’m always on clothing websites trying to figure out how to pull different styles together so it was kind of like, I might as well just do this as a way to deal in quarantine. And I’m also kind of good at it so I may as well put it on the Internet for people to see”


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During this time, people have reached out to her to say they relate to the detailed captions and ask how she comes up with them, but most of the time, Morenike is really just inspired by her “weird mind”. Whether it’s inspiration from the lives of the women on ‘Sex & The City’ or from her life or those of her friends, there’s no shortage of inspiration on what the Moresque gets up to in her stylish fits. Samantha Jones from Sex & The City is a huge style inspiration to me. I’m obsessed with the show and the lives they lived. It’s why the recent post on a woman who finds out she slept with a guy in college is so funny, it’s definitely something that could happen in that world’.

“The Moresque woman does not apologise for being herself. She doesn’t apologise for being imperfect, that’s just her. So you either take it or leave it”.

Having just started out, she’s still finding her feet and working on improving her consistency. She has already garnered a loyal following in just a month, who look out for her posts every day. I think I am going to keep doing it and because people really look forward to the posts’ she tells me. ‘I would feel bad if I stopped this far in. I also really just enjoy doing it for myself; it’s a way for me to shop without spending money. I put the outfits together the way I would wear them but I literally don’t have to spend a dime’.

For now, she’s focused on completing her Masters degree and working out how to take styling more seriously, as she’s now feeling more confident styling other women.


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