Martell Collaborates With Davido For New ‘Be The Standout Swift’ Campaign

in line with the singer's non-linear path to success

Davido is one of the most formidable artists in the Nigerian music scene. Armed with back-to-back hits and the ability to influence wider popular culture with catchy slang and an ebullient personality, the singer has earmarked himself as one adjacent to every massive trend in these parts. A true hard worker throughout his decade-long career that never hesitates to put on his family and friends, it came as no surprise earlier this year when the singer landed a brand new role as one of Maison Martell’s ambassador.

While the details of the new partnership were never divulged in any full detail at the time of its release, Martell and Davido have now officially announced a brand new campaign in line with the brand and talent’s shared vision and identity as playmakers in their respective fields. The nationwide ‘Be the Standout Swift’ campaign is said to celebrate the audacious and resilient spirit of all Nigerians.


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According to the official press release, Davido will collaborate with Martell to encourage others to live on their own terms with relentless passion and encourage them to innovate consistently and chart their own paths. Given that the singer has garnered an authentic reputation for charting his own unique and distinct path to success and international acclaim, and proven that success is not linear, he is one of the few artists capable of championing the brand’s ethos as his generation’s undisputed leader.

Speaking about the partnership and the Be the Standout Swift campaign, Davido shares that:

“I am proud to go on this incredible adventure with Martell, as I know we are pursuing the same goal: opening the way for others, each within our own creative field. We share the same idea that we rise by lifting up others. Through my songs, I want to show the new generation that anything is possible. That’s what I love about Martell’s history and expertise: the capacity to continually reinvent tradition.”

Sola Oke, the Marketing Director at Pernod Ricard shares that:

“We understand the limitations that exist for the typical Young Nigerian living in Nigeria, but we also know that what makes a stand-out swift is the can-do spirit that Davido is about,” says Sola Oke, the Managing Director of Pernod Ricard. “Inspired by the Martell Spirit, Martell is proud to share our history and essence by challenging Young Nigerians to own their narratives and join Martell in being bold about how far they’ve come.’’

You can find out more about the campaign here.

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