Lynxxx is ready to fight to prove his love in his new video for “And That”

He incorporates some London slurs and slang to emphasize his point

Because the definition of love as a concept varies from person to person, its connotation is often dependent on the ambiguous promises made between lovers. On “And That”, Lynxxx tries to talk his way into his love interest’s heart by convincing her his feelings are deeper than lust; “Man Ain’t Trying To Netflix and Chill/Man’s Trying to Vibe And That”. Though Lynxxx’s vocals integrating slurs and slang from London, the beat Spax produces is laid back and suited to fit Afropop’s mid-tempo vibe. The video for “And That” is shot in London showing Lynxxx and his love interest chilling at a park.

See the video for “And That” here.

Featured Image Credits: YouTube/Link Up TV
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