Listen To Zee’s Cold Island’s Epic Battle Chant On “Hall Of Fame”

Zee Cold Island is ready to break into soul royalty

Zee’s Cold Island has devoted his sound to the late 1990s neo-soul sound. Just like his previous releases, “Apollo” and “Dream Ripper” the bass is poised, expressive and brimming with energy on his latest single, “Hall Of Fame”. A few years ago, these arrangement sounded rebellious particularly in Nigerian soundscape where any R&B singers with hopes of radio play has to live by pop rules. Even 2 face’s widely acclaimed Face 2 Face album was riddled with pop songs like “Nfana Ibaga” to ensure its success. But the climate has changed. Lately, Nigerians seem ready to listen to more alternative genres with the recent success of artists like Asa and the growing reception for millennial artists like Tay Iwar, who have completely ignored contemporary pop sounds.

Artists with a comprehensive enough understanding of R&B to avoid pop have grown from being seen as nonconformist to more like members of a thriving loyal opposition. Zee’s Cold Island is a new Nigerian artist ready to break into the royal family and his new single, “Hall Of Fame” follows that narrative. Set on ambient synth beats, Zee’s Cold Island sets himself apart by focusing on a cool conversational mid-range singing about his hunger for the glamour of being in the spotlight.

Zee’s Cold Island’s “Hall Of Fame” is a cry for attention from an artist still uncertainty about his talent but recognizes that he’ll never be satisfied with an ordinary life. He’s ready to risk ridicule from critics just so he can make history with his music. Considering that he’s relatively new to the music industry and his genre isn’t exactly the choicest for a Nigerian market, Zee’s Cold Island faces an uphill struggle. But he appears prepared for it with declarative line: “This thing is getting out of hand, I’ll have to take drastic measures”.

Zee’s Cold Island gets the form right on “Hall Of Fame” but there is a hollowness to his performance. While he might have enough reticence to be seductively distinguished from what we are used to, he doesn’t have enough command in his voice to put his song over with authority.

Listen to “Hall Of Fame” below.

Featured Image Credits: Soundcloud/zeescoldisland

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