Watch Dapo Tuburna’s new video for “Other Side”

he wants to you to get on his level

Dapo Tuburna intimately knows how to party and tell relatable stories through his song’s lyrics. For his latest single, “Other Side” he combines both to narrate a night out at a club with picturesque descriptions to revival any YouTube tutorial video on how to party.

Backed by the mellow atmospheric synth beat Yung Willis produces, Dapo Tuburna breaks down alcohol’s ability to add some colour to the partying experience. Without losing pace with the catchy beat, he runs through a list of activities to keep things interesting at the club; “Na Owo Eh, Gbo Owo, Gbahn Idi Eh/ Shake Up Your Bum Bum/ Shaku Shaku”. Though he brags about the quality of his music, his most dominant attitude—heard through his slightly slurred vocals—seems to say the best way to have a good time at a party is to get faded.

Check out Dapo Tuburna’s “Other Side” below.

NB: This is an updated version of the original post made solely for Dapo Tuburna’s “Other Side” Audio Track, released in June.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/dapotuburna

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