Listen To Olawumi Sing About Being “Alone”

"Can we keep things real? Cuz I don't want to be alone again"- Olawumi '17

Olawumi’s voice is the ice cold pitcher of water we need on hot summer afternoons, the blissful sigh of relief after traffic frees up. The Nigerian-American photographer-turned-R’n’B songstress recently released a bouncy new single “Alone” produced by NBHD Nate, her fellow New Jersey native.

On “Alone”, Olawumi sings about a lover she is ready to take it above and beyond with on a bed of bubbly synths and thumping bass. The total effect is a perfect seamless production that’s nothing short of amazing.

She tweeted she’d be releasing her saddest song yet on Valentine’s Day. Well though we’d rather be happy, it’s okay to be still and go through the motions knowing we’ll be fine. Eventually.

Listen to her latest offering: