Ric Hassani features Olamide and Falz on “Believe”

Team up with the squad to convince the lover

Released earlier this month, Ric Hassani’s “Believe” expressed love in all its tender glory. Olamide contributed to Ric’s love ballad through complementing bars and now, we have an extended version with additional vocals from Falz just days after the initial release of the song.

With percussion heavy Afro-pop beats, Falz attempts to convince a woman he loves that his line of work is not as much of an obstacle as she may assume. Aware of the stereotype, he reminds his lover there could exception to the rule saying “Uncle Olu Still Dey With Aunty Joke”. Ric Hassani’s verse coming in after Falz’s reemphasizes the willingness to love entirely and Olamide keeps up the convincing act on the last verse. “Believe” has all the markings of a wedding song; soothing harmonies, convincing lyrics and a sentimental romantic release date.

Listen to “Believe” here:

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