Listen to GCL3F’s “Faded”, featuring Psycho YP and Straffitti

Solidifying themselves as prime purveyors of Trap music in Nigeria

A significant part of thriving in the streaming era as an indie artist, is the level of consistency involved, bordering on being prolific. Psycho YP and Straffitti have continued to solidify themselves as prime purveyors of Trap music in Nigeria, through their tireless work ethic and the rockstar overtures they portray in their music. On GLC3F’s “Faded”, both rappers extol their ethos of living on the fast lane, without a hint of the destructive streak attached to the lifestyle.

“I’m steady on my grind/and the money on my mind”, Straff raps in a leisurely, self-assured cadence over the bouncy trap beat GCL3F and Le Mav co-produce, mixing intermittent flute riffs, reverb-doused 808 bass and rapidly ticking hi-hats. Setting the mood in vivid terms, YP delivers the hook and a similarly conceited second verse.

You can stream “Faded” below.

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