Watch the music video for GBNGA and Gxnxsis’ club ready new single, “Cherry B”

A tribute to partying under the lightweight buzz of the British cherry wine

Terror Squad’s ironically danceable attempt at an anti-dance rap song, “Lean Back” already established rap music’s proficiency on dancefloors in 2004. Though storytelling remains crucial, the really wavy rappers have no problem infusing a bit of melody and swag to get listeners grooving to their tunes.

It’s no longer hip to pass the Courvoisier in the club, but GBNBA’s is about to make British cherry wine, “Cherry B”, a staple at clubs with his catchy new single named after the liquor. Lightweight synth led instrumentals set the sultry mood for the charming performance from the London based rapper and featured artist, Gxnxsis, as they exchange ambitious stories of their night-out; “Got a Brown Skin Thing Named Amber/ Wasn’t Born In Moscow, She Ain’t got no Russian Standards/ So I Freaked it”. The music video Gbenga Saka directs also stays within the party theme as we watch GBNGA and Gxnxsis partying in a LED lit room while pretty model chics play monopoly at a round table.

You can watch the music video for “Cherry B” below.

Featured Image Credits: Youtube/GBNGA
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