Crown Adanna Duru Your RnB Fave on “Fingertips” featuring John Ibe

What the simplicity and innocence of a delicate kiss feels like

Nigerian-American singer-songwriter, Adanna Duru has spent much of the last six years gaining attention from her live performances on competition shows. At 15, she proved herself a force to reckon with, making coaches fight for her singing talent and earning her fans outside and within Los Angeles, where she resides. From landing a spot on Adam Levine’s team on The Voice in 2012, to defeating other competitors to Top 10 at American Idols in 2015, Adanna’s performance of Lady Gaga’s “You and I” on American Idols even got her a shout out from Gaga herself. She has since worked with a slew of other A-list artists including rock legend, Nile Rodgers and Scott Borchetta, who coached her on American Idols.

Adanna released some of her own original works including a mixtape Exhibit A and a single she released in February, “Quinn” featuring music artist, Julius. Her flair for engagement isn’t a one stop shop at singing alone, she’s got a youtube channel where she vlogs about hair, makeup and some relationship pointers. All these have somehow helped in her creative expression. A few years later, Adanna is debuting an EP, Stardive in August, while we sit in anticipation for that, she releases “Fingertips” as the lead single from the Album.

Her new single, “Fingertips” was premiered by earmilk. Adanna says the track is inspired by the “simplicity and innocence of a delicate kiss”. While crafting the song’s lyrics “Fingertips” grew into a love-themed song where she softly narrates the deep desire two lovers have for each other. “Fingertips” is co-written by herself and the featured artist, John Ibe, a houston based rapper who is also of Nigerian descent.

Wiidope mixes and masters the 4 mins 42 seconds RnB/Soul track and she taps director Tarek M. of Man & Cam Media and creative director Amaka Ofomata to shoot an evening house party in line with the song’s narrative.

For the most part, “Fingertips” is a glimpse into what to expect from her upcoming Ep, Stardive, mark your calendars for August 18th. While you can take a moment to appreciate Adanna’s “Fingertips” featuring John Ibe, co-starring Joshua Rivas below.

Featured Image Credit: Youtube/Adanna Duru_”Fingertips” 

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