Listen to “What Are We” by DJ Java and Bella Alubo

A portrait of a relationship built on ambiguity

Often times, understanding the reality of a relationship leads to its ending. Unfortunately, the alternative isn’t much comfort either as Bella Alubo proves on DJ Java’s new single, “What Are We”. Over the tropical influenced EDM beat, Bella Alubo paints a portrait of a relationship built on ambiguity. Social media banter will convince you her lyrics asking “What Are We/ Are We Friends of Lovers?” is a taboo in relationships, but Bella’s sultry vocal filtered through autotune machines draws listeners to the tortured anguish of uncertainty. On “What Are We”, she’s done with the games as she asks the song’s muse¬†“Why Are You Hurting Me?”.

You can stream DJ Java and Bella Alubo’s “What Are We” below.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/bellaalubo

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