AMSTAG is all about Island vibes and putting Rwanda on the map on “Last Night”

Like Drake, but authentic.

Hailing from Rwanda, the country of a thousand hills, Stapain Gatore or as he is known to fans of his music, AMSTAG, is determined to represent his country and it’s music on a global stage.

Words by Ade Obayomi

With the recent influx of millennial creatives coming from all over Africa he wants to make sure that Rwanda is not missing out on any recognition. He’s put out a debut single “Not Enough” featuring Ni$ha. Capitalizing on it’s buzz he’s dropped a second single, bringing Ni$ha back along with Lenziebeats and Ab Flexin for a bit of extra spice.

Favouring a decidedly dancehall beat, as popularized by artists like Popcaan and Drake “Last Night” tries to distill the essence of Summer and crystallize it into four minutes of song. A simple synth loop is a measured against AMSTAG’s rapid fire sung rap bars, as he professes his love for a girl he sees across the room and promises her that what he feels is way more than just a summer fling. The percussions are a deliberate mix of wooden drums and steel pan drums, a very ‘island music’ move, a vague reminder of the sounds that go all the way back to artists like Harry Belafonte.

Hopping on the track as well, is Ni$ha, who handles the chorus with some serious verse, smoothing over the song’s somewhat unfinished edges. She is subtle but expressive and consistently impossible to ignore. Ab Flexin also delivers by giving us his upbeat flow while Lenziebeats puts the finishing touches on his song by providing the vocals. “Last Night” is ultimately about a vibe, a chill mood that translates quite well and makes us hype for AMSTAG’s future work.

Listen to “Last Night” here.

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