Listen To ADEOLUWA & CaL On New Single, “S’okan”

a tale of unreciprocated love

Mutual love can be underrated. It isn’t every time that the person we love, loves us back, and Afropop upstart, ADEOLUWA captures the grinding feeling of being on the giving side of the equation on his new single, “S’okan”. With his vocal inflection listening like the song was recording after heavy sobs, the singer appeals to a love interest who continues to overlook him despite knowing of his feelings since they were in high school, SS2 to be precise.

Rounding things out, CaL delivers a superb verse clearly stating out his grievances, rapping poignant lines like “somewhere between hopeful and hesitant is where I reside”. Although “S’okan” is thematically heavy, its folksy EDM beat, comprising rustic guitar, rolling drums and boisterous synths will help its cause to get on radio and DJ sets.

You can listen to “S’okan” below.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/iambabacrown