Let Simi’s “Gone for Good” wean you off the heartbreak

Her birthday gift for the fans

Moving on is never the easiest thing. It’s a grudgingly long process that demands to be taken seriously (talk about vindictive). Simisola moves to this point with her video for “Gone for Good”, directed by Joziewood.

Though the change from Aje Films is obvious, we still get a few decent frames of Simi communicating the frustration of getting over love. But it looks like Simi is bringing classicism into basic human emotional response—where is the representation for those of us who can’t afford to be forlorn in a tub. “Gone for Good”, captures all the facets of the relationship she now has to move on from  but it’s sad to see the Simisola story progress from the mushiness of “Complete Me” and “One kain” to this point.

Listen to “Gone for Good”;

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