“Man Like Me” is a gangster love story, brought to you by Shatta Wale

A romantic number with a gutsy flex

When you hear the word ‘gangster’, the thoughts that come to mind usually revolve around violence and crime. Shatta Wale latest single, “Man Like Me”, however, expands that narrative by attempting a romantic number that incorporates all of the gutsy flex of a tough gangster.

“Man Like Me” finds the Ghanaian artist detailing his villainy accomplishments over an equally grim beat Damage Musiq produces with sweeping synths, rattling harmonies, drums and samples of gunshot. Though the chorus for “Man Like Me” assures of a romantic direction, Shatta Wale’s gritty vocals and cocksure lyrics are too chilly to be heartwarming. Rather than sing the praise of his love interest (if she can even be called that), he uses it as yet another confirmation of his brilliance. But his uncanny ability to switch between guttural assertions to nasal quips in seconds promises of a sweet spot that love can take root in.

Listen to Shatta Wale’s “Man Like Me” below.


Featured Image Credits: Instagram/shattawalenima

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