Tekno infuses a bit of makossa nostalgia for new single, “Yur Luv”

Reviving a long-forgotten but instantly familiar groove

After shaping Afropop zeitgeist with “Pana”, spawning several other hit singles like “Yawa” and more significantly, his production on Davido’s “If”, Tekno doesn’t appear to be under any pressure to outdo himself. He has already stayed doubts of being a one-hit wonder, by releasing more material and hinting a collaboration with Drake.

These days, Slimdaddy’s gameplan appears to be a deliberate act of fusing nostalgia to create sleeper hit. Take, “Go” for example, where he samples triumphant chants from 50 Cent’s “In Da Club” for an infectious, earworm for a chorus. Similarly, “Yur Luv”, Tekno’s latest single builds its hook off a past hit by repurposing the familiar melody from Magic System’s “1er Gaou”. Over the mid-tempo beat Tekno produces himself with warm horns, flutes and drums, he sings, “Amaka Gaou Oh/ Oya Chop My Money Oh/ Dance To The Jukpa Oh” expressing sentiments typically felt at night clubs.

While ‘Gaou’ might be a reference to the popular Makossa dance-step from the early 2000s—with the rest of the song celebrating his love interest’s waist—it could be a more literal interpretation of the word ‘Gaou’, which loosely translates as ‘Fool’, as he implores his love interest to take all of his money. Either way, the song is an irresistible club number anchored by the nostalgia of a long-forgotten but instantly familiar groove.

Listen to Tekno’s “Yur Luv” below.

Featured Image Credits: YouTube/TeknoMilesVEVO

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