Leena takes Afropop for a happy trap spin on new single, “Walangolo”

Celebrating the unwavering merry of intimate relationships

Leena’s sultry vocals mixed with the trippy ambience of the beat Sess produces is a reminder for why cheerfulness is often treated as a commodity for pop records. Despite capturing the pathological instincts of your most intense relationship with uncanny accuracy, she relays her feelings for her love interest through a rose-coloured veil of infatuation.


Sing rapping “You Don’t Wanna Speak To Me/ That’s Wahala/ Me I’m Popping, Taking Late Trips Undercover”, over the atmospheric synths, even her most forbidding lyrics sound caked in hope. Her cadence flutters like a singer’s cover of a rap song and, combined with the striking trap beat, she performs a trap soul number that shows the unwavering merry of intimate relationships. While the performance is convincingly endearing, Leena’s vocals pluck on emotional strings when they effortlessly mutate from breathy to hangover as if to hint at the song’s vulnerable chaos.

Listen to Leena’s “Walangolo” below.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/leenasound

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