Ladipoe updates his latest single “Know You” with a memorable video

The chart-topping single has now been given an exciting video

Back in April, Ladipoe released the romantic number “Know You” featuring Simi, an honest and open track on which he tells the tale of a coy love story where no one is willing to admit their feelings. The relatability of the track certainly made it a worthy number 1 on the charts for weeks, and now he’s released a video to give us a visual backing of the song’s message.

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The colourful video opens on a rainy evening in Lagos, with a young woman standing outside without a jacket to shelter her from the cold. Ladipoe notices her shivering while he’s waiting for his ride and as a gentleman offers her his jacket. The pair end up getting on, and a budding romance begins between the two, after he finds her phone number in his jacket pocket.

‘E be like say I no remember say/I Say I no really know u that well’ Simi sings on the hook, as the romance between the two lovebirds starts to deepen. With the photo-shoot-ready sets and stylish outfits provided by Daniel Obasi in the video, the chart-topping track has ahead even better with an accompanying video.

Watch the video for “Know You” below.

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