LasGiidi Shares New Single, “Immortal”

A highlight reel of LasGiiDi's impressionable lyricism

“Immortal”, the latest single from LasGiiDi lasts just a few seconds shy of the 90-second mark, and it’s beyond effective in achieving what the rapper clearly set out to do within that brief time-frame. Ambitious, vindictive and self-aware, “Immortal” finds the rapper delivering a maelstrom of slightly sung bars, encompassing his quest for eternal remembrance as well as sending out threats to perceived rivals.

Charging into the ominously groovy beat like a raging bull, LasGiiDi quickly gets into the heart of the song, spitting introspective lines like “immortal, so they’ll sing my songs forever”, then switching to his more violent intentions, rapping: “when my enemies come for me, dem know say I got one for him/his name on the bullet, it was done for him”. By its end, “Immortal” listens like a highlight reel of LasGiiDi’s impressionable lyricism.

You can listen to “Immortal” below.

Feature Image Credits: Twitter/LasGiiDi
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