Simi joins Ladipoe for new romantic single “Know You”

if you've ever been in a situationship, this one's for you

Dating culture these days can be very complex; there are so many different rules and concepts of trust and loyalty are often lacking in these relationships. Most romantic relationships these days centred around situationships and hook ups, as everyone builds emotional walls around them in order to maintain some sort of sanity as the one who cares the least.

For his first single of the year since ‘Revival Sundays’, Ladipoe taps into Simi’s captivating vocals for new romantic cut, “Know You” which sees the two artists muse about modern day situationships which have you falling deep into it way too fast. Over the catchy beat produced by DJ Simi, each artist does what they do best, while they offer some insight to how we’re all feeling when we’re falling too fast for someone who we don’t really know that well.

Listen to “Know You” below.

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