Kiss Daniel is done looking for love on “4Dayz”

Brief but in time for valentines feels

With everything wrong with the music industry on display when Kiss Daniel parted ways with former label and floated his Flyboy I.N.C  label, his new single, “4Dayz” is a shinning example of everything right with it. Afropop has always delivered the entertainment required to make tough times bearable and keep listeners focused on the positive. Kiss Daniel and “4Dayz” producer,  Runtinz collaborate to capture the most positive feeling known to man: love.

Over the upbeat drums, rattling riffs, piano percussion, sweeping synths and guitar harmonies that usually define his compositions, Kiss Daniel confesses that he’s done searching for love. Promising “Girl, I Am Loving You For Days/ Igba Die Lo Ku”, it’s an invitation to drop everything else and run where lovers go to be alone. But given that the catchy beat will undoubtedly get a lot of airplay on radio and at clubs, it’s also an invitation to have another dance while the DJ spins a song for lovebirds.

Releasing “4Dayz” at this time of year might come off a bit too mushy, but with the live band cliches, (rattling samples, highlife piano percussion and guitar harmonies) we are willing to wager weddings will keep this song in rotation longer than this Valentine’s season.

You can listen to Kiss Daniel’s “4Dayz” below.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/iamkissdaniel

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