Songs Of The Day: New Music From MOJO, Jeriq, Darkovibes & More

start your week with these new releases

We’re halfway through 2022, and it’s been an eventful year for Afropop. There’s been a torrent of great new music, spawning a massive stack of inventive smash hit songs. From Highlife-infused Ghanaian pop, to the unrelenting force that is Nigerian street-pop, to South Africa’s indomitable Dance scene, to tantalising Drill explorations in East and Central Africa, and much, much more, we’re living through abundant and musically expansive times.

Every week, tonnes of songs from African artists make their way to digital streaming platforms, and wading through them can be intense. That’s where The NATIVE’s Songs of the Day column comes in to help. We go through as many new releases as possible, spotlighting them here, two to three times every week. Last weekend, we brought you new music from Mr Eazi, Ladipoe, Preye Itams, Mafikizolo and many more. This week, enjoy a new selection from MOJO, Freddy K, Jeriq, Psycho YP, Darkovibes, and more. Tap in, and you’ll definitely find new sounds for your playlist(s).

MOJO – “Rap Jesu”

“Rap Jesu” is Mojo’s brazen assertion of being the messiah of Rap. Since his 2020 single, “Chiwawa”, he has made a point to set himself apart from the crowd with his inimitable laidback style of delivery and his penchant for theatrical beats. Two years since his debut and that thread is still snugly woven through every song he drops. On “Rap Jesu”, he surfs a sprawling serene production interspersed with shimmering theatrical keys, switching flows deftly and exploring pockets of space with his amorphous voice as he sings his praises.

 Moonchild Sanelly – “Chicken”

Moonchild Sanelly dances to the beat of her drum. From her penchant for genre-bending sounds to her inimitable style of delivery, every song she spawns is a testament to her unflinching bohemian ethos. “Chicken”, a standout from her just-released album, ‘Phases,’ sees this motif in full glory. Over a boisterous production, she tugs at the age-old question: Who came first, the chicken or the egg? Shuffling between whimsical singing and concerted mulling, she conjures a gratifying party anthem.

Offica, Darkovibes & A9DBO Fundz – “Kolomental”

“Kolomental” sees Nigerian-Irish rapper, Offica, Ghanian singer Darkovibes and Irish rapper A9Dbo Fundz combine for a blistering Pop record. Over the boisterous production, they conjure a sound reminiscent of a high-octane night at the club. Coming with sleek lines and punchy melodies, they broach the topics of ebullience and opulence.

Freddy K & Tyler ICU – “Ashi Nthwela” FT. Focalistic

The ascendance of House Music and Amapiano from suburbs in South Africa to the world over the past few years has been steep and majestic. A new wave of prolific artists with fresh and subversive spins on the genre is emerging and Freddy K and Tyler ICU are some of the most prominent fresh voices leading the charge. Off their freshly released EP, ‘Freddy Vs Tyler’, “Ashi Nthwela” is a standout which encapsulates their unbridled knack for colouring outside the borders of the genre to spotlight their idiosyncrasies. Joining forces with Focalistic they rope in sonic bits from an eclectic palette to conjure a dazzling party soundtrack.

Insane Chips – “I Came For It All” ft. Psycho YP & Jeriq

Nascent act Insane Chips may have just a smattering of singles out, but over the course of his career, he has established himself as a prolific act with a handle on a far-reaching gamut of sounds, from punchy Afropop tunes to ominous Hip-Hop records. For his freshly-released single, “I Came For It All”, he taps two of the nation’s most blistering rappers, Psycho YP and Jeriq, for a luxuriantly melodic Hip Hop record. Against a backdrop of theatrical keys and hard-hitting Hip-Hop drums, they bounce off each other, trading opulent bars about their rise to success.

Kaptain – “Non Stop” ft. Teni

In 2020, Kaptain caught the attention of the public after his debut EP, ‘Kapacity’ was released. The project saw him amble down the svelte path between sombre introspection and breezy anthemic singing while establishing himself as a purveyor of hood chronicles. Now, he’s back with a glistening single with Teni dubbed “Non Stop”, which is a standout off his fresh album, ‘Beyond Any Reasonable Doubt.’ Surfing bouncy drums, twinkling keys and groovy bass riffs, the pair bounce off each other as they deliver a melodic ode to God’s blessings to them.

Mr Wakobi – “Forgiven” ft. Spiritual Vibez

“Forgiven” sees Mr Wakobi tap Spiritual Vibez for a richly melodic ode to the elusive concept of forgiveness. Over a bouncy reggae instrumental, the pair broach the topic of going against the grain and rising above adversaries to the echelons of success.

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