Jean Feier gifts fans with suprise project ‘Grand Theft Demo’

New Jean Feier for the new week!

The biggest difference between Jean Feier and any of her peers in the music industry today, is her consistency and diligent work ethic. Every other week, we get a new Jean Feier number exploring a different theme and a different sound. We’re always excited to hear what she comes up with, as each release adds a new layer to the singer’s growing artistic reach. Just when you think you have her sound figured out, she switches it up and shows you there’s always a new layer to unpack with her.

The 7-track project benefits from features from Blaqbonez, E.L, Bryan the Mensah, and NLMGMN, all of whom sonically aid the project’s central theme of discovering oneself along your journey. Both ‘Grand Theft Demo’ and its architect, Jean Feier, gave a level of vulnerability which accurately represents what we’re all feeling, which in turn creates some sort of (digital) closeness and proximity between listener and artist. It’s equal parts sad and hopeful; she’s speaking openly about her journey but she’s not drowning in misery but instead staying afloat and assuring you that you can.

Speaking to the NATIVE, Jean Feier said about the project:

“‘Grand Theft Demo’ is an art piece I put together to free myself from everything I have been through  since starting out in the industry. As a young woman, sometimes you’re so hopeful and hold unto ideas and dreams of how your path should be but there comes a time that the glass ceiling breaks and you see the truth. I’ve been through events that could have broken me but still, I am spinning it in my favour. I made this project for black girls.

There’s also more lighthearted songs that are very bad bitch anthems! I want black women to feel empowered regardless of what they’ve been through. We need to see beyond potential and who they really are. At the end of the day, no matter how great their potential, the path they have chosen in the end, will determine how they treat other people (especially women)”.

Stream ‘Grand Theft Demo’ below.

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