Edwvn aims for the stars on new single, “Sprung”

Ethreal EDM meets jagged melody

Since Skrillex screeched his way into earshot a couple of years ago, EDM has crept ever slowly into the African soundscape. Though the over-oscillated squeals and skull-cracking drops that clutter the mainstream and drive many away from the genre are synonymous with the more internationally commercial end of the genre, Africa artists have no trouble embracing the subtle, innovative and funky dance genre. Dancehall’s boom has encouraged more African artists to explore the ambient pool of electronic house and Edwvn’s new single, “Sprung” places him firmly in that category.

The Ghanaian singer’s chanting praise of his love interest’s beauty causes “Sprung” to listen like driving a convertible at a comfortable speed on the open highway. Heavy baselines builds a chord progression with echoing melodies and haunting bass-heavy synths that create an ethereal atmosphere for your cruise through space. This is all set on a tightened Atlanta style hip-hop influenced beat with snares drums and double-timed running high-hats that force a funky 80’s groove.

Edwvn liberal application of auto-tune notwithstanding, “Sprung” gives the perfect vibe for partying like the 80’s. He manages to serve up equal measures of dark, contemplative and melody on a single that focuses on the dubbed out end of trap music—think shattered hip-hop beats, jagged baselines and plenty of atmospheric space.

Listen to Edwvn’s “Sprung” below.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/edwvn

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