Listen to Kamar Tachio personify weed as a girl on “Marry Juana”

It's coded but charming

Music is the best place to go to find the influence of substance on our society. Weed being among the more inspiring type, is well documented by artists who have tried to draw parallel comparisons between their affection for the green and the women in their lives. Kamar Tachio’s latest single, “Marry Juana” makes a compelling case for the druggy romance with the mellow vibe emphasizing a deep and passionate love for marijuana.

With the Reggae guitar licks and piano harmonies curling around Kamar Tachio’s melodies like smoke rings, the song’s dopey theme is established before his lyrics; “I Want To Marry Juana” subtly plays with the idea of a relationship between a man and his pot. The loving tale never mentions cannabis specifically but that only gives it a stealthy and healthy narrative so it goes under anti-drug radars. His burnt out vocals and Hausa accent when singing “Marry Juana” however makes the theme unmistakable.

Kamar Tachio’s reputation for The Weeknd type narrative helps him pull off a ode to spliffs. And though it’s coded, that is part of the song’s charm.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/kamartachio

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