Yinka Bernie is over love on “Autumn Leaves and Pearls”

Walking the thin line between weightlessness and drowning

Yinka Bernie has ventured into chillwave, dreampop and even hip-hop territories with his music in the past, but one thing that remains synonymous with the artist’s style is his laidback and relaxing vocals. He switches from singing melodies to rap flow without messing with the mellow vibe his music harnesses like a trademark in Nigeria’s bursting alternative music scene. His latest single, “Autumn Leaves & Pearls” listens like a soulful funk song on one end(we are using the term “Soulful” advisedly because there’s no bellowing displays of passion here) and a spacious dreampop synth heaven on the other.


Produced by MYV and engineered by Joyce Olong, “Autumn Leaves & Pearl” is filled with clipped sonics sufficiently textured and rich in snagging detail that they achieve a sort of slow-motion and rewind feel. If you pay too much attention to the beat alone, you might be fooled to assume you’re listening to some languid easy-listening R&B soundtrack for carefree summer loving but Yinka Bernie is in fact over love and all its demerits.

Despite the chilled out instrumentation of “Autumn Leaves & Pearls” he laments a relationship “Taking All (His) Energy” in his typically stoner vocals—achieved here with echoing vocal manipulations. The juxtaposition seems to re-establish how love can either make you feel weightless or like you’re drowning as the songs makes you experience both. And it’s a damn good feeling.

Listen to “Autumn Leaves & Pearls” by Yinka Bernie below.


Featured Image Credits: Instagram/yinkabernie