This Instagram page allows you relive your childhood nostalgia

Let @nigeriainvideos raise your spirits this rainy season

We all have our own personal reasons for staying glued to Instagram despite knowing its effect on our self-esteem and data bundles. But we aren’t judging our life choices today. Today we discover the joys of reliving our favourite memories through this Instagram account dedicated to curating and sharing videos from the Nigerian achieve of pop culture videos.

The account is being run by The Nobel Foundation which has boldly declared their aim as “The preservation of the achievements of Nigerians and establishing avenues for recognizing individuals”. But if that little blob on the page’s bio isn’t enough to convince you, some of the videos they have already shared is guaranteed to. The videos of TV commercials, documentaries, football match highlights and more serve as a sort of highlight reel that maps out the several stages of Nigeria’s development and growth.

With clips as serious as videos form political rallies and as lightweight as condom commercials, the page is able to appeal to the audience on a sentimental and emotive level such that it favours a utopian and imagined past that overshadows whatever other reality we may remember in the less than a minute duration of the video. But that’s nostalgia for you, provoking positive emotions of happiness, connection, and optimism. At least now Instagram can actually carry its weight and raise our spirits during this rainy season and the floods, traffic and foul smells that come with it.
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