Ibadan residents are recovering from a deadly blast

Caused by a storage of illegal mining equipment and explosives

On the evening of Tuesday, Jan. 16, a deadly blast occurred in Bodija, a suburban area of Ibadan, the capital city of Oyo State. The blast, which happened around 7:45PM local time, originated on Adeyi street and its effects spanned across a 14 KM radius. According to Oyo State Governor, Seyi Makinde, preliminary investigations have revealed that the fatal event was caused by explosive devices that had been stored by illegal miners.


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The blast destroyed several buildings within its epicentre, reportedly sinking two houses. Cars around were also destroyed beyond repair. In the wider radius, people’s homes and properties were badly damaged. So far, five people have been reported dead, and 77 people have been hospitalised for varying grades of injuries. Since the night of the blast, rescue workers, led by the National Emergency Management Agency, have been searching for survivors in and around the affected areas, pulling out several people trapped under the rubble. Also, hundreds have been displaced from their homes, with houses needing to be rebuilt and renovated.

Joining first responders and concerned citizens shortly after the blast, Governor Makinde has ordered that displaced individuals and families are to be temporarily sheltered in hotels, and will be assisted by the Oyo state government as they recover and rebuild their lives. Of the people in hospitals, 60 people have been discharged so far, with hopes that the other injured persons will make full recoveries. Also, in his public statement on Wednesday morning, Makinde has stated that finding the person(s) who stored the illegal mining equipment is a top priority for the state government and security agencies.

Speaking from Ibadan on the Channels TV program, Politics Today, Makinde stated that nothing will be covered from the public during these investigations. “We’ve done a few fact-finding on the company involved and yes, there are indeed some foreign names on the CAC [Corporate Affairs Commission] documents of the company involved but these are still early days,” he said. The Nigerian police have declared the owners of the house wanted, while the Miners Association of Nigeria (MAN) have stated that the mining company allegedly responsible for the blast is not a registered member of the body.


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This is a developing story, and we will be updating this page with general resources for assistance for those that would like to help.

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