Hue and The Sound’s “Good Girl Go” is trap excellence and we’re here for it

Afrotrap you can mourn a broken heart to.

Afrotrap is huge right now, like…huge! Especially among the new generation of artists grown off Tumblr and SoundCloud, unafraid to explore genres and create their own. But like everything that is hip, Afrotrap as a genre has quickly become saturated and it is near impossible to separate the genuine talent from the culture vultures trying to capitalize on the sound. Hue and The Sound (a rad as fuck name by the way) gained our attention by doing the opposite. He took afro-trap, stripped away the often-superficial ‘African’ elements that are usually thrown in, and dropped “Good Girl Go”, an honest to goodness trap song.

I’ll admit, that was the first thing that drew me to “Good Girl Go”, but I stayed for Hue and The Sound’s musicality. Darn! That man can write a catchy hook. Sparse piano arrangements add a bluesy soul to dreamy synth arrangements, all of it grounded by a relentless drum loop. The instrumental produced by Steine, is very much in the style of Danish beat maker and producer, Galamatias. But Hue more than owns the instrumental.

Using techniques like repetition, run-on verses and whispery backing vocals all amount to a subtle but very effective haunted vibe as the singer laments his relationship woes.

It is a heartbreak music you can dab to and we fuck with it.

Listen to “Good Girl Go” here.

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