Ayüü features Prettyboy D-O for new single, “Discuss”

A groovy declaration of the singers' money driven ethos

Apex Village singer, Ayüü recently released a new single, “Discuss”, featuring Prettyboy D-O. The uplifting song is a declaration of the singers’ ethos, dedicated to their craft and motivated by their desire for wealth.

Andre Wolff produces the lightweight beat for “Discuss”, set to the lightweight ambience of synth harmonies, rattling samples, 808 drum machine riffs, percussion and horns that highlight the elated mood of the song. Prettyboy D-O delivers the song’s catchy chorus in pidgin English, capturing the hustler anthem theme of the song in a few bars. Ayüü infuses melody with his verses as he tells listeners the extents he’d go to get to the money; “Working Everyday for the Money/ Me I Fit To Craze for The Money/ Smoking up the Jay for the Money/ Go on Holiday for the Money”. Their lyrics portray them as focused on the money, speaking about their drive for success, but the boastful undertone makes some of their lyrics come off as subtle shots at their competition.

You can stream Ayüü and Prettyboy D-O’s “Discuss” below.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/ayuu_safi
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