With a hot dog, SnapChat gave the world a meme and half

What’s made of meat and loves to dance?

Words by Ehimenim Agweh

SnapChat is quite the innovator. With self-destructing texts, funky filters and interactive yet creepy maps, the company seems to be doing alright for itself. Except one recent invention of theirs didn’t exactly go down well with the Twitterverse and was the butt of its jokes.

In a recent foray into augmented reality, SnapChat released a human-like hot dog for the entertainment of the apps users. Basically, it’s a hot dog with legs and arms and a pair of lettuce headphones. The gag is almost reminiscent of last year critical comedy success, Sausage Party. Also, it’s breakdancing. Something this quirky should get people tickled and eager to know more about Augmented Reality, right?


The dancing ‘dog which is activated via front camera was taken to be a silly joke as users played with the weird creature in different situations. It simply picks a flat surface and bops on it. Get a moving object near it and it gets carried away. Memes have risen from the hot dog’s antics but another side fears it is a display of a SnapChat that is losing investors and going off the rails. It’s a funny yet weird day for SnapChat and here are the memes to prove it.



Feature Image Credit: Jailvian

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