Nigerian Fashion Brand, GËTO is serving 00’s Nostalgia

They'll be hosting their first-ever Lagos shopping party

In the society we live in, the way you present yourself speaks volumes about you before you say anything about yourself, therefore, it’s difficult to understate the importance of wearing clothes that make statements.

In comes brands such as GËTO, who since GËTO launched earlier this year, have been committed to creating casual, yet expressive clothes, which has made the fashion line a go-to for passionate and expressive with distinct style, such as Tems.

Most young adults today spent their formative years in the 2000s, being influenced by the music, fashion and film of that time. This is what makes GËTO stand out, as the brand draws inspiration from the trends of that era, with their nostalgic debut collection being reminiscent of the noughties.

Now, the brand is launching a new line of clothes this Saturday,  as they host their first-ever shopping party in Lagos.GËTO aims to make customers look and feel at their best, regardless of their body shapes, size or gender.

Their debut collection and the new line will achieve this by fusing modern and vintage fashion styles in keeping with the brand’s core ethos.The curated pieces will include both new and old clothes which will all be made available for sale.

Check out details here:

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/__geto
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